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Through world-class sales advisory and sales execution services, we::nXt is enabling accelerated B2B commercial growth for US and EU scale-up companies focused on Cloud, AI, Location Intelligence & Smart Mobility

What do we Offer?

Go-To-Market Strategy and Sales Acceleration for Scale-Up Companies in Cloud, AI, Location Intelligence, Smart Mobility

Revenue Growth Diagnosis

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Revenue Growth Diagnosis
GTM Strategy Diagnosis
Sales Execution Diagnosis

Sales Advisory & Execution

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Sales Strategy
Sales Resourcing & Planning
Sales Execution

Interim Management

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3-12 months assignments:
- VP Sales

Sales Methods & Tools

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Leads Management & Prospecting
Sales Force Automation
Sales Analytics

Community Engagement

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Non-Executive Board Seats
Advisory Board membership
Think tanks, Industry Networks

Equity Investments

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Seeding & Shareholding
Direct Equity Investments
Equity in exchange for Consulting

Our Team

WE::NXT builds its capabilities on a network of carefully selected independant experts and specialized teams. We believe in this new world of work where each relevant expert can bring world-class competence to contribute to a project. This approach allows us to flexibly leverage the best skills in the market without having to charge customers for significant overhead costs. Our DNA: an exclusive combination of competencies across Sales, Marketing, Digital Transformation, Innovation, AI - with 20+ years in sales leadership and expert roles with large enterprises as well as with startups.

What People Say

Jacques-Etienne Grandjean is a seasoned sales leader. His incredible energy in unison with his analytical problem solving mind-set drive sales teams to over perform. Companies always value how accessible Jacques-Etienne makes himself to sales team members – always available to provide guidance and support in even the most challenging scenarios. He is a very good and natural communicator at the C-Suite level, where he is able to concisely communicate unique business value.


Jacques-Etienne Grandjean is a highly experienced senior sales leader with very sharp analytical and problem solving skills, excellent communication skills up to C-level, a strategic thinker, with strong change management capabilities, and outstanding implementation and execution skills.

Wolfgang Muehlbauer - Sales Director Key Accounts Central Europe & Benelux, HERE Technologies

Latest News

25/06/2018: we::nXt is starting as we speak and will be fully operational on Sept 1st, 2018. Stay tuned!

10 Growth Hacking Strategies to Triple Your Sales

Hi all – here is my proposed read for today:  “10 Growth Hacking Strategies to Triple Your Sales“. I do believe that improving Sales Processes is a key part of Growth Hacking. But I also contemplate there are many other angles that are required. At we::nXt, we will always be delighted to discuss the entire picture, and we will make sure to add value with our Sales Consultancy services always in the broader context of your company.




Lead Generation, a never ending problem finally getting a solution!

Across my entire career as Sales VP, it has always been a struggle to figure out how to efficiently generate quality leads. Is this a inbound marketing activity and responsibility? Or is this a sales responsibility, where we should have our experienced sales execs allocating some of their precious time to do account profiling and cold calling?  Or both? or should we specialize a team doing lead gen? I was struggling with those questions and looking for answers, when I came recently across the great book by Aaron Ross called “Predictable Revenue : Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of Salesforce.com” (it can be found on Amazon – see here).

I read the book within 2 days, it was so specific and well thought-out, I must say I found most of the answers I was looking for, with some really innovative approaches! I really strongly recommend you read this book… and implement the concepts! (and at we::nXt we will be happy to help you there!)